I think there comes a time in a person’s life where you reach a point of “return”. A point where you just give up everything that you have fought for. I don’t know about other people, but as for myself, I think I have reached that point. The point where I feel I have nothing to give anymore. Nothing to say, nothing to do and absolutely no strenght to go further, figuring things out. Ever felt this way? If not, well, good for you then!

I have embarked on this journey for the sole purpose of finding my purpose. Finding out what it is exactly what I am here for. What is expected of me? The world tells me everyday to be a good man, good husband, good father, good son, helping friend and so on. But is that all we are here for? Today is one of those days that my keybord should actually be locked away. Not for the reason that I can write a bunch of bull and offend people, but purely the fact that I can use it as a weapon…To either hit someone, or tie them up with the cord!

But nevertheless, I have gone through the morning so far without killing someone, or myself. Which should count for something, right? I am hurt by the world, saddened by what the human race has accomplished. Yeah the technology part is great, I love tech stuff. But thats not the point. And maybe its just not what we did with the world, maybe its what we have done to each other that ticks me off the most! Everybody knows by now that I have lost everything that I own. And I have made peace with that. Or at least I try. It is really not that easy to always forgive and forget. But I have only myself to blame. Not for mishandeling my affairs, but for trusting in people. Trusting the human race! No, I have never been a naive person overall, I have learned from an early age that people can be snakes. Or at least most of them. There is good people out there. I can assure you! But they are becoming like the rhinos…extinct. So this morning I get up and decided to take a long bath and catch up on some reading…and started reading a mail I received last night. Credit to the author, JUSTIN from Gather ministries by the way. For putting it so nicely.

Bring life into Alighnment

A steel beam has integrity when its purpose, its design, its manufacture, and its use are aligned. Said another way, to have integrity a beam must be designed and manufactured for a spesific purpose-and it must actually be used towards the purpose. We can count on a beam like that, even to bear a heavy and important load, because all its existence is in alignment.

Though considerably more complex and wondrous, obviuosly, than a steel beam, we humans need alighnment too, to have that kind of integrity. You see, God designs and builds us for spesific purposes.

God gives us natural talents and spiritual gifts and hearts with unique passions. And He shapes us further by our individual journeys. So, for each of us, our purpose, our design, and our way we’re built, are always aligned. God does that. Unlike the beam, however, He allows us to choose our lives. If we ask and search, listen and discover what He had in mind when He dreamt us up and knit us together – and then allow ourselves to be used in the ways He intends – we bring our lives into full alignment. If we strike out on our own, though, and follow the world’s “oughts” into other uses altogether, we commit ourselves to living lives of misalignment.

Okay, so what do we do? How do we fix this? I mean, all is well in love and war, but how do I get back aligned with His plan for me?

Start small and be practical. Come up with a short-term project that requires your unique skills and abilities, your unique spiritual gifts (if you know them) and your unique passions. Choose something with significance – i.e., it helps others. Then, don’t wait. Get going on it!

Alrighty then! So there we have it! When we reach that point of “return” and want to give up. Just ask these questions to yourself:




I really feel better at this point. I have made the choice. I am getting aligned! See you soon!


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