#StickItOut ~ Branch

#StickItOut ~ Branch

So today is 6 March 2018. I have finally managed to stick to my New Year’s resolutions….of quite smoking. Yes, today is my third day without a ciggy! Congratulations to me! Hahaha. The smokers out there would understand what I’m talking about when I say it is tuff! It’s hard! But yet also do-able.

In the perfect world, I think we would just easily say “no thanks” for the first cigarette, but yeah, we don’t live in a perfect world do we? We all have noticed by now that life is a bitch and will stab you in any way possible. Well, a cigarette helped me cope with that thought. That was my escape from killing the world…Now it is also gone….Now I have no choice but to face the world head on. But its fine, I know I can do it! Why? Because I am not the same person I was 3 days ago…3 years ago….3 minutes ago…

I am fighting a gruesome fight inside of me…I am NOT a quitter, Never was…never will be! That’s probably the fact that makes it the more difficult to leave the smoking. So, I decided to change my mindset around it. I am not Quitting, I am merely “dis-positioning myself from my packet of cigarettes” forever.

Now, that, my dear friends….is what I call “mind-over-matter-control”

I have come to realize a few things about myself the last few months:

1. I often venture outside all to find the answer, only to come back and see that it has been in front of me the entire time.

2. I don’t blame myself anymore for NOT seeing the answers in front om me. I wasn’t ready at that time to see the answers.

3. My journey has changed me.

4. I must venture

I will keep you updated on my journey regarding the smoking thing.

All I have to say at this point, DON’T GIVE UP! #StickItOut


“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” ~ Heraclitus

#StickItOut #lifelesson #roadofsteel #figuringItoutAsIgoAlong

  1. goeie dag! you should check out some old posts of mine… holding my breath, i am going for aa year now and i’m starting to have dreams about smoking, but i handle it. Like you said it’s just positioning yourself. I tell myself i will smoke just not right now, and it helps until i forget. Keep going.. ; )

      1. lol, thanks and although i love it, i’m not a bro ; ), i kinda do act like one. But ii stopped smoking because i had trouble breating, but i still smoked regardless, i waited for a cold to quit. You know.. because when you have the flu it’s easier to not smoke. I just stopped, it’s still very very hard i wont lie, no one even acknowledges it that i smoked, that also means no one realizes how hard it is for me everyday. I constantly crave smoking, i just don’t do it.

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