#New #lifelesson

#New #lifelesson

If we take the time to look inside our own heads, what would we see? The map of the future? The manual of life? Or just a record that is stuck on repeat?? I don’t know about you guys, but personally I think the latter will be seen by me most times. Its easy to get stuck in repeat….We get up in the morning, we go on with our daily stuff. Get home, eat, sleep and repeat…

And there is the first problem…We tend to have the same thoughts everyday, which means we do the same stuff everyday. Which means again that we get stuck on the same tune…like a broken record. Things remain unchanged in our lives, and yet we ask ourselves the same question…Why? Why me Lord? Why do the cool stuff never happen to me? I can literally hear HIM answer back…Because you are a donkey! Do the same stuff everyday, and yet you still expect different results….Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

A new you requires a #New input into your life. a #New language that you need to speak. And I don’t mean go out and learn how to speak an African Language or something, although it won’t hurt if you are planning a trip into Africa, as things can get pretty rough this side of the world if you don’t understand anybody.

Always nice to be prepared…

What it boils down to, is that if you really want to change and become a better you, you need to:

Get #New input into you life

Work on #New thoughts

Do #New, in all aspects of your life…. (just don’t go divorce your partner and say I said so….lol)

The one that tells you its easy, is bullshitting you. Or trying to sell you something. Its not easy! Its hard! Its a lot of constant work on yourself and the way you do things…

Best of luck! If you manage to get things going in a different direction in your life, don’t be shy to let me know. Always nice to hear any success stories.

“If things don’t change, they stay the same…” ~ Me

#New #roadofsteel #figuringItoutAsIgoAlong

  1. It is a lot of hard work but worth it in the end, hopefully 😛 Working on new thought’s is important, can’t make change always thinking the same things. Helpful things to keep in mind. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Paolo. Yes it is not always easy changing your thought patterns, but as you said…it is well rewarding✌

  2. Congrats your post is read by me 🙂 .Great style,great expression,great advice.Continue to write with same passion like you did with this one !

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