#Approval #lifelesson

#Approval #lifelesson

Recent encounters have lead me to realise that sometimes we loose track of a few things. Important things. And we get side-tracked by things that are actually holding us back on our journey… A good example of such destraction is #Approval. I know, doesn’t make sense…But hear me out for a minute…This is not about the toxicity of seeking approval, but more about why we are seeking approval, or rather from whom? Could it be a lack of support while we were growing up? Or do we just want to be seen? Be THE MAN?

I don’t have the answers for some of the stuff that gonna pop up while you dig away into your inner being. I think that is for each of us to figure out by ourselves. But I do know that sometimes some of the stuff that pops out, makes it suprisingly rewarding. Be true to yourself, find that ROOT….And you will never look back…

“Seeking validation will keep you trapped. You don’t need anyone or anything to approve of your worth. When you understand this, you’ll be free.” ~ (Anonymous)

#Approval #lifelesson #roadofsteel #figuringItoutAsIgoAlong

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