#lifesAbitch #lifelesson

#lifesAbitch #lifelesson

Life is a bitch! It’s hard and full of all kinds of stresses. If you are not carefull, life will break you in pieces…But don’t be discouraged. Here is a few pointers a have picked up along my journey the last few months on how to survive and thrive.

Firstly, you need to learn how to absorb the stresses, stay composed and react in a calculated matter. Huh?? Okay, so here’s the thing. To be able to learn how to cope with the stresses of life, you first need to learn how “not to cope with stress”. In other words learn how to destress.

Almost like a sponge. A full sponge cannot absorb any more water. But an empty sponge can! You need to get the access water out your system. The stuff that fills you up with worries.

Look for moments where you can destress. Relax and get your head clean. Schedule time away from responsibilities, tech and stress. This needs to be done on a regular basis. Can’t empty the sponge only once a week. You will miss out on alot of fresh water down the road.

For those who want to achieve and build great things, stress is part of the game. It’s what makes us tick. But, be carefull of getting consumed by the stresses of the world around you. Play the game smartly, NOT foolishly!

Hope this helps!

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” ~ Sydney J. Harris

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  1. Nicely written. Thanks for posting the link. You are clearly a talented writer! I will take more of a look tomorrow morning. Bedtime calls! Xxx

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