Where it started...

From humble beginnings we started our journey along the way of life. Not always knowing what to expect, but sure as hell always trying to be prepared! Things in life does not always make sense, and doesn’t always have to make sense, sometimes we just have to let go and let GOD! That is when you start walking in faith.
What is faith most would ask? Faith, my dear, is having hope that the sun will shine tomorrow. Faith, is having the endurance to work through any problem, facing dreadful situations, still keeping your head high and keeping yourself together. Not always knowing how things will pull together, but knowing that no matter what, our “Creator” will never let us perish! You get the urge to start giving, without expecting… Loving unconditionally without rules… Helping without regret!

Then the day comes, you become the guest in a get-together for the Kings! That is the day when the Universe opens the flood gates of heaven, and rains down on you! That is when you realize what faith is about!

My name is Willie Viljoen, and I was born on 14 January 1979, in South Africa. I have made the decision to dedicate my life to keeping the Faith and was led on this journey.

This is my journey, a story of LOVE, HATE and MISUNDERSTANDINGS!

This is my #roadofsteel. A journey that I am sharing with the world…

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Here's a small preview...

… I was at a very bad space in my life at that moment. I started questioning everything around me…started questioning myself…my GOD…my existence… What is my PURPOSE? What makes me tick? What makes me happy? I soon came to realize that I don’t know myself at all…And that scared the living daylights out of me! If I don’t know myself, how can I expect anybody else to get to know me?
I was unhappy in my job, my life’s decisions…I felt trapped and everything in my
life turned to sh#t at that stage. I was on my way to work that morning, when I
made that decision. “Screw this sh#t! I am taking my life back! I cannot be placed
on this earth just to work, pay bills and still feel broke, empty and worthless! I
mean, REALLY!!?? There must be more to life than that!?”
So I decided to make a few drastic changes. First of all, I need to get to know
myself. Pronto! I need to spent time with myself, the people that matters most in
my life as well as my career. Eish! I didn’t even get chance to take a pee at that
stage in my life. Everything was a rush every day! “Time for all those fancy
luxuries?” Really? Well, YES!
I have a choice though. Two actually! Either make it happen, or die trying. ‘Cause I
cannot go on like this! Life sucks too much!
That day I prayed for the first time in a long time. And I mean really long time. I
also mean, PRAY. Not the little prayer you shoot up to keep you calm and not kill
the dude that drives like an asshole! I’m talking about the real McCoy! That one
where you feel you are standing in front of HIM and have a discussion. At that
moment I felt I had nothing too loose. I might as well go big and fall through HIS
door, and plead my case! So I did!

Get some motivation...

Sometimes we just get overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives, that we tend to forget about the things that matters most! No, we will probably never forget to eat, or go to work, or even our children or grand children. But what we tend to forget easily is ourselves!

Yes, you tend to loose focus on the most important thing in your life… YOU!

And that is where this journey will start. With getting to know yourself again, or maybe for the first time…

For me, it was a life changing experience. One that not only changed my life, but also the lives of those around me. Not only did I grow in my marriage and my relationship with my children, I got to meet my “Creator”! The one that has done everything from His side to show me how much He loves me, but also how easily it is to give hope to others. Most of us have lost HOPE! We have lost the will to stand up, because of what is happening around us in the world. Everyday we see terrible things happening all around us!

We forget how good life can be and start living “backwards”. Lets fight that together and start giving each other HOPE!

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